Niyola Calls President Jonathan Animal Farm Leader


    EME Records Singer, Niyola, real name, Eniola Akinbo, is not happy with the leadership in the country and has voiced her disapproval, likening President Goodluck Jonathan to the story book leader of the Animal Farm, equating the president’s vocation as a Zoologist as the reason for the rudderless steering of the ship of the country.The Love to Love You crooner, who is fondly called the First Lady of EME, took to her twitter handle joining lots of Nigerianswho are disgruntled with the present leadership and likens the situation in the country to George Orwell’s legendary novel, Animal Farm, where the animals, led by some pigs, chased away the human minders of the farm, took over the helms of affair and turned round to inflict untold hardship on the other animals, killing some, maiming others and generally making life difficult for their subjects.
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