Nollywood Actor IK Ogbonna Shares Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid In 2015

screen_2015-01-14 08.40.11The actor, model and relationship specialist must have being through thick and thin to have being able to state this points. IK Ogbonna highlighted nine relationship mistakes that must be avoided in 2015  here.

1. Stop fighting for a spot in their heart when you know there’s no space for you there.

2. Never assume a position in someone’s life if they haven’t made it official.

3. Never give them the privilege of a life partner when he or she is just a sex partner. Guy, stop spending on her. Girl, stop giving him sex. Equation balanced!.

4. If they are not adding any tangible value to your life, kick them out of your Life. Samson lost his eyes cause he toiled with a woman who had no tangible value to add To his Life.

5. Go and Check your HIV status. Its an error not to. Health is Wealth.

6. Never Let this month pass without being a devout christain


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