Nollywood Actor Muna Obiekwe passed away in a hospital in Lagos after Battle with kidney failure.


muna19-1000x656 This was first published on certain platforms, with many news sites and agencies bearing reports of his sudden death. According to reports, Muna Obiekwe passed away  around 4:15pm in a hospital in Lagos after a battle with kidney failure. He was rushed to the hospital today after he collapsed at his home. Muna has been quietly battling this kidney disease but kept it away from friends and colleagues.mu1-268x300

Unconfirmed reports further reveal that the death is directly linked to his financial state. Muna, reportedly could not afford his medical procedures due to his poor finances, and had plans to put together a stage play for fundraising. He rejected the opportunity to go public with his condition, and seek support from concerned people.56416_muna3_jpg3ce2bdf40c819d33e671039bc57f4a59

But in an interesting twist, a twitter handle, @MunaObiekwe has come out vehemently denying the death reports. ‘WTF! How can someone joke with an issue of death, pls o everyone I’m alive and well by His grace..Don’t know where they got it From’ – The supposed Muna tweeted.

The twitter handle, revealing that the twitter account is a fraud, and does not in any way related to Muna. She reiterates that Muna is dead, concluding her reports with sentiments for the actor. Currently, with the inconclusive state of reports emanating, Nigerians are sitting on an edge, awaiting confirmation from the actor’s reps.2vtxlUpTG1IMWSUfs14aNQFL


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