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Nollywood Actor Nonso Diobi’s sister & Baby nephew kidnapped last night

13259583_1613373982312235_1445836939_n Nollywood Actor Nonso Diobi Says:  My sister and my baby nephew was kidnapped last night, they contacted me first and i contacted her husband…. I v been given till Sunday to give them 150 million or i lose them, i v been told not to involve the police or anything that looks like the police and the weird thing is that these guys know my movements like im being watched or something…..

Now im just confused, dont no whether to secretly involve the police or i just raise the money and gv them…. How i wish im worth that amt right now i wouldnt mind closing down my acct just to save them, i can still hear the sound of their tears on the phone begging me to save them and dis is no movie…

I dont even wanna tell my mum abt it cos i cant imagine her reaction, maybe the kidnappers contacted me first instead of the husband cos whoever is behind it tot im that rich….. I actually tried negotiating with them to bring it down to at least 50 million but these guys are really desperate and bent on causing havoc if their demands isnt met Pls if u hv any other suggestions, advice or any help b4 sunday, my DM is open to all…. U guys shouldnt leave me now

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