Nollywood Actor Odunlade Adekola’s Wife says My Husband Does Not Sleep Around


g7CxbVGkTdQYo9TadKQdqg0dTop Yoruba actor, Odunlade Adekola’s wife, Abosede in a recent interview she  talks about how it feels being married to him.Odunlade Adekola and wife, Abosede

Abosede who said they haven’t had an argument since they got married talks about about how she copes being Odunlade Adekola’s wife.

She said: I have no option than to cope with any situation I found myself. No matter the thousands of women that come his way, I know the kind of husband God gave me. Even though he goes to movie location for ten months, I trust him that he will not fornicate over there, and this always gives me rest of mind.

On how she is certain her husband is faithful she said: Appearance shows the manner! If he had engaged himself in such, there is no way that I will not know. He receives calls in my presence when he is at home and virtually all the calls he receives per day are from women and I used to overhear their conversations. Assuming he has skeleton in his cupboard, he won’t pick his calls in my presence.
On how she deals with the many tales of infidelity, she said: ‘I don’t feel bad because I know what he is capable of. Some women are not in any relationship, let alone marriage. All they are after is how to ruin the ones that are going on smoothly, so, I don’t bother myself about side talks, and if there is anything I heard that is not pleasant to me, I walk up to him to know the truth, and he will never hesitate to tell me the truth, and we both settle it amicably. I want to tell you that we’ve not quarrelled for once before and we will never do such by God’s grace. He is just too playful. We might sit at home he will just say see how this one walks, he will say it in a comic way and we will all laugh. He is too funny. We all feel his absence when he is not around.’ See more on page2

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