Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson,Discuss how she Almost became a Prostitute


MERC-JOHNSONNollywood Actress Mercy Johnson,Discuss how she Almost became a Prostitute, Nollywood actress celebrate her birthday the day prior to this 29th August 2014, Mercy Johnson come to a decision to gave a birthday speech to her fans all over the arena, in her speech she share lot of stories regarding her existence and her household learn the speech below, I thought of many things I would like to have as birthday gifts and the numerous goals I’m still pursuing.

In all of this I’m no longer losing sight of the truth that if not for God I may have ended up on the street like the many kids and young adults begging for food and a few prostituting to make ends meet. If we know the instances that drive some of these folks on the road, we’d spare a notion for them. i’m where i’m as of late purely with the aid of the grace of God and the grace of the people who believed in me from the phrase go. not too long ago, I was once at the Boys Reform Oregun,Lagos,the discussion I had with the essential Mr. Kotun and far later with the different Adviser in command of all remand homes in Lagos set me desirous about the girls and boys on the road. They have got goals too. Can they fulfill these dreams on the street? the answer will likely be no as a result of I won’t be the place i’m these days if I had ended up on the road.

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