Nollywood Actress, Nkiru Sylvanus Interview: Speaks About Getting Married

Nkiru-Sylvanus-latest-pic3 The Nollywood light-skinned actress had this interesting interview with Encomium magazine where she talked about herself ,  projects, her career in Nollywood and more . Read excerpts below :
On her  reaction to the recent rumours that have to do with you getting married:

I have spoken about it and I have said I won’t say anything about the issue again (concerning Oge Okoye’s husband). This is like the third time rumour monger are talking about me getting married. If I am getting married, everybody will know about it. I will announce it myself because marriage is a thing of joy. So, you just ignore all the baseless rumours.

On her long absence from the movie industry:

I didn’t leave Nollywood in the first place. Maybe, you can say that about me like early last year, but I returned fully since I premiered my film, The Voice in July, 2014. My role as Director General of Imo Film Academy is equally a serious work for me as an actress. It is part of my involvement in the industry.IMG_9329

On the secret of  her beauty and appearance  which she maintains  :

Really? Let’s just say it’s peace of mind and a good healthy lifestyle. I try as much as possible to stay off cosmetics. I try as much as possible to be natural.I don’t have any particular beauty regimen. It’s a factor of gene and being at peace within yourself. If you are at peace within yourself, every other thing will be right with you. So, I am blessed with that look. I eat normal, live normal and apply very little or no cosmetics to my body.

On projects she’s working on:

There are several projects I am working on actually. Some of them will be unveiled this year. One of them is my personal talk-show coming up. Another is a reality TV show. It’s a kind of talent hunt for the youth of Imo state. We are organizing this reality show on the platform of the Imo Film Academy which I head as the director general.


Her take on celebrities campaigning for politicians:

Anybody can campaign for candidates of their choice, especially if you are doing it for genuine reasons. There is nothing wrong in campaigning, your reason for campaigning is what we should be talking about.



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