Nollywood Actress Stella Damasus And Toyin Aimakhu’s Restart Twitter Wars SEE TWEETS


Toyin-AimakhuThe battle between stella Damasus and Toyin Aimakhu is far from being over.  Just as we thought the issue has become a dead one, Stella decided to reply her few hour as ago.


On June 10, 2014 Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu took to her twitter and posted something which Stella Damasus has replied to almost 8 months afterall In her latest Vlog titled “Mean Tweets And Hate Mails” Stella replied some really mean tweets and comments she had received on social media.

Last of them was Toyin Aimakhu’s comment on her “Bring Back Our Girls” video;

Where Toyin said,

“Madam, Nigeria is my country. Nobody is killing anyone cos no be only you do video. #VisaDonExpire #BringOurSonBack #AttentionSeeker #LoveYouStill.

Stella Damasus reply to that was;

” Hold On! Is this not…. Toyin? The same actress, Toyin Aimakhu, the one I did that yoruba movie for? The one who was always calling me at a time to ask if it was ok to live in Lekki when she wanted to move in?”

“I can’t remember what the whole conversation was but she used to call me.”

“It’s her??? Oh Wow! ”

“Ok, sister girl, I love you like crazy. But let’s look at your hashtags again” she said

“You said #VisaDonExpire#, I have been in this country for about two years, and nobody has asked me to leave”.

“Apart from that, I’m doing a lot of work with the United Nations. If I had a problem with my Visa, I don’t think they would be working with me. When it comes to the visa issue, let’s be sure of what we are saying. – She said.

Speaking on the #BringOurSonBack# hashtag, Stella replied;

“Is her son missing?. Does she have a son?. If your son is missing, let us look for him.

“You know I know how to do videos as you said. Tell me if your son is missing and I will scream till my lungs burst or something. I’ll look for him for you and immediately I find him,that’s it, I’ll bring him back”.

Stella said

“You said #AttentionSeeker#, Hmmm my dear, this issue of attention beats me. I was hoping that people like you can explain to me because I’ve been told that I’ve been trending. That people talk about me every time.”

“I don’t know oh! I don’t know who’s writing, I don’t know what they are saying but you need to educate me on that ma’am because even the people that pay for PR don’t get as much publicity as I do but errm, love you still, love all of you but you need to get more creative about the hate….talk about my nose, my legs…people say I have toothpick legs”  she said. 

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