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Nollywood Actress Toyin Aimakhu’s new man Seun is holding her hostage,seized her phones  

This is confusing but,I’m trying to understand it..After Toyin Aimaku shared tearful videos this noon, pleading with IG comedian who threatened to commit suicide…I was kind of shocked to see her post two photos of her new man Seun Egbebe .I thought it was kind of odd.There was no caption to the photos so, I didn’t  screenshot them..
Fast forward to now, some in the know claim her phones have been seized by her new man and she is no where to be found .They say her instagram account is being handled by him and he was the one who shared those photos, after they got into an argument and she said she was leaving him.

It is even more alarming because the comedian she cried over has been found and is said to be ok now.She hasn’t updated .The pictures of her man Seun (allegedly posted by him)have been deleted  .
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