Nollywood Amanda Ebeye: I can’t give my parents money made from acting



Just six years in the industry, she has successfully warmed her ways into the hearts and minds of movie buffs with her impressive acting prowess. Amanda Ebeye continues to grow. After studying International Studies and Diplomacy at Benson Idahosa University in Edo State, she joined the Nigerian movie industry and has continued to grow. In this interview with Senior Reporter, Anthonia Soyingbe, she speaks on her life, career and more.   

What is happening to Amanda now?

I am busy as usual, going to locations and contributing my qouta.

You seem to feature more in TV soaps now than you actually do in movies?

That is not correct; probably you are yet to watch some of the movies I have featured in. I have done lots of movies, far more than soaps. Since

Amanda Ebeye

2011, I have not done any soap apart from Bella’s Place and Super Story which I also featured in this year. It is rather shameful as I can’t count the number of movies I have featured in. It is unfortunate that we churn out a high quantity of movie without good quality in Nigeria. I have featured in many soaps and I didn’t want to be on many soaps at a time because it drops your face as an actor. For me an actor should not be on more than a Soap a time.

What do you consider before you pick up a script?

Before, I wasn’t careful about what I was doing, I just did all the jobs that came my way, but now I am very selective. For me to feature in a movie now the story has to be good and the role has to be challenging. I don’t do regular stories a lot but I go for challenging roles which will bring out the best in me. I picked up the scripts of the soaps I featured in lately because they were very challenging.

Is that why you decided not to feature on Clinic Matters any longer?

I did just 39 episodes on Clinic Matters and it has not gotten out of people’s head long after I left Clinic Matters. I left because I and the producer didn’t agree on some things, I got a better offer somewhere else and I moved on.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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