Nollywood Bimbo Bello: How top actress almost ruined my dream


bimboOver a decade ago, she started her sojourn in Nollywood as an actress, but along the line, she quitted; now, she has taken to make-over as a career. Today, Abimbola Bello has become a force to reckon with amongst her peers. She spoke about herself and career in this chat with AJIBADE ALABI. Excerpts:

Going into movie making, what were your parents’ dispositions?

I have just my mum, my dad is late, and mum never objected to my decision because she respects my judgment a lot, especially when it comes to taking decisions about my life. She would give her consent and watch closely how you progress. When she saw me doing well on the job, she became impressed.

How do you cope with the rigors involved in the industry?

I got my training under the leadership of Bukky Osadare, a member of Odunfa caucus. At the initial stage, I went for acting, but when I discovered the great numbers of people lined up for acting, I took a decision that has taken me here today. My purpose of going into movie making was basically for money; nothing but to make ends meet in a legitimate way. I quickly realised that there are lots of segment one could fit into in the industry. They are as follow: D.O.P, costumier, make-over, lighting etc.

Since all I am after is carving a niche for myself and smiling to the bank, I had to make acting secondary while I learnt another aspect of film making, and that is making people’s faces look good, and creating effects when and where necessary.

Movie industry is another big environment where a child is given an exemplary training besides whatever he or she might have got from home. There were lots of experiences, but I thank God am still doing great on the job. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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