Nollywood Bimbo Thomas Says I’m Not 30 On My Last Birthday



Nollywood Bimbo Thomas Says I’m Not 30 On My Last Birthday 

A couple of days back you celebrated your birthday, how old are you?

I added a year.

Some said you are just 30, how true is it?

If I may counter that, could solid 30 be just? Anyway, it’s a lie. Tell the “some”, that I am not 30.

What is the significance of the age you clocked now in your life and career?

Commencement of a new era. Beginning of accomplished years. It’s a year all planned notions are to be executed.

Would you say being an actress has really given you your desired satisfaction?

Yea! I have joy, peace, love and every good thing. What more can I desire?

What has being an actress not done for you yet?


What is the truth about the tale that you were savouring a juicy romance with Koko Zaria? And that he even spoiled you silly with cash and gifts, including a car but now the romance has hit the rock, how true is it?

The tale even added that he is threatening to withdraw the car, what is your reaction to this?

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