Nollywood Lilian Esoro Laments that she Has Lost Freedom



Nollywood Lilian Esoro Laments that she Has Lost Freedom, During an interview, Lilian Esoro, the diminutive but very pretty actress of ‘Clinic Matters’ is not too happy that she has lost her freedom because of her newly found celebrity status. She was asked what she felt about the popular role she took up as Nurse Abigail in the award winning sit-com and she had this to say; she was asked, ‘Are There Similarities Between Lilian Esoro and Nurse Abigail? Answer:

Hell No… (we are) two different characters, totally different. Well, when I was called upon to pick the script, the director called me and he is like “Hey Lilian, are you sure you can really handle this role because I have never ever seen you upset” and I am like” I love challenges “.

Trust me, Abigail is one character that I don’t think anybody should be, she wants to be all over in people’s business. It took a lot for me to get into that character, but I am glad that I did it well. It is another thing to do it well and it is another thing to pass the message behind the character.’ She went on to describe her new found life as ‘losing freedom’ but ‘fun walking down the street’. In her words, ‘So many challenges, You lose your freedom, but it is fun walking down the road and having people recognize you and appreciate your work.’

She avoided the question about her marital status and decided to keep mute about the picture of a ring that she dropped on her instagram page which was later removed. She wanted to keep ‘private parts private’.

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