Nollywood Movie Director Charles Novia’s Opinion on Flavour’s “Gollibe” Video



Nollywood Movie Director Charles Novia’s Opinion on Flavour’s “Gollibe” Video,Charles Novia may have ruffled some folks with his blunt criticisms but he does give credit when due. Just read his spot on review of Flavour’s Gollibe featuring Pete Edochie
and Anna Banner …Read below as published on his blog:
I have just watched over and over again on Youtube, the Best Music Video in Nigeria, and arguably continental on a larger scale, of 2014.And this is no fluke. I spent hours watching it over and over for incisive areas to make notes and point out a few flaws but I could not find any. And I am very impressed.

Forget the eyebrow-raising story of Flavour’s new CD selling a million copies in Five days of its release. Forgive Flavour’s narcissistic propensity to post half-nude pictures of himself regularly on the internet. What cannot be denied is the Young Man’s monstrous talent and his ability to push that big envelope with original compositions and well-produced visual interpretations.

After watching ‘Gollibe’, his new video, my undeniable respect for the soft-spoken Clarence Peters went a notch higher. Let mes share aspects of the video which impressed me no end. ‘Gollibe’ being a piano-themed composition, is melodious and heart-warming. On a normal day, hearing it on radio and on your gadgets without seeing the video, one might not attach much sentiments to the song. With a visual interpretation which sees Flavour pounding a Grand Piano in an village compound, the symbolism of Western influences and an authentic African identity is not lost with those few shots.

I like the fact that this video synchronised the African and universal appeal of Nollywood in telling its story. And that by itself, is a stroke of genius in marketing and relevance, well portrayed. And I love the visual narrative. A leisurely stroll by Flavour around the village, a stumble and a helping hand by a village damsel gives us a glimpse of what the denouement would look like.   SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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