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Nollywood producer Blessing Egbe’s streaming site, www.bconceptnetwork.​tv, gets Massive Turn Out

After Blessing Egbe’s anticipated movie, One Room and the first series of another TV series, This Thing Called Marriage was released on the director’s newly launched movie streaming site,, it would be an understatement to say the turnout has been massive. In actual fact, it does feel like that is what movie lovers in Nigeria and world over have been waiting for.

Since the 17th of June, when the movies were launched on the site, thousands of viewers have visited as the record keeps mounting, with more people coming on board.

Apart from the fact that movies produced and directed by one of Nollywood’s best, Blessing Egbe, comes with a lot of valuable and satisfactory contents, the comfort it has provided for people, as against the encumbered activity of going to a cinema, has been another plus. Most people find it more appealing sitting in the comfort of their respective abodes, after a strenuous day to relax on a spell bounding movie like “One Room” and “This Thing Called Marriage”, which the director has made available on the site.

Blessing Egbe’s “One Room” captures what plays out in an average family in the society that seems to be lost on the public. The cast, who interpreted their roles without any amiss, coupled with Blessing Egbe’s ingenious directorial skills, recaptures this familial situation in ways that would get you glued to you seats.

Written, produced and directed by Blessing Egbe, “One Room” is a drama  plotted around a couple that have been married for 5 years. When Ada played by Rita Dominic realises that her yearning for her husband is fruitless, she takes a step to change things. Little did she know what was in store for them from that singular act of hers.

Similarly on the family issue, This Thing Called Marriage, according to Blessing Egbe, “will shadow the line of Lekki Wives and expose the behind-the-scenes of a supposed beautiful exterior; the things that go on in marriage”.

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