Screen-Shot-2015-02-09-at-12.52.01-PMNollywood split across different ethnic groups as election approaches. The English movies producing side of Nollywood is on one side, while the Yoruba movie speaking Nollywood is on the other. The English speaking faction is largely on the side of the incumbent president, while the Yoruba faction is largely to the side of the All People’s Congress(APC) presidential candidate. 




As we all know, the president is from the South-South part of the country, and so are most of the key players in the English side of Nollywood who are either also from South-South or South-East. In fact, the leader of the Nollywood for Jonathan campaign is also the head of the actors in Nigeria. It is no other than the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fiberesima. You would see her with a train of Nollywood actors and producers at almost all the PDP campaign rallies.

This however is no surprise because even before the elections, Ibinabo and her Nollywood team had visited the president at the Aso Rock villa more than one time. The president had even promised the guild land sites in the capital city. From inside sources, such visit to the villa also has other perks. The Nollywood visitors do not just go home empty handed. Though unconfirmed, it is said that the least of them goes home with a package of $2000 each. This is not including other presidential gifts that are splashed on them. We have seen this scene played on and off anytime there is an election close by. We will all recall that the president had fraternised with this same set of Nollywood players when going for his first term in office. He had promised them Millions of Dollars in grants, though none of that has materialised till date.

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