Nollywood Stars Aki & Paw Paw Says “We are still very close friends”


Aki-n-Paw-paw-still-friendsNollywood Stars Aki & Paw Paw Says “We are still very close friends”, Osita Iheme better known as Paw Paw and his close friendChinedu Ikedieze (Aki) are still together as close friends despite rumors of a separation recently. In a new interview, Paw Paw assured fans that all is well between both actors explaining that they just stopped living together  only because the landlord wanted to make use of his house.“Aki was trying to explain why we no longer lived together in our former apartment, Which was because the owner of the apartment wanted to make use of it” the actor told the news outletHe added that, “the fact is that we are not getting younger. We cannot live together forever. Even biological twins eventually separate to pursue their careers and lives. This does not mean they are not connected. There was reason for us to stay apart and I don’t think that should justify our ‘separation’ doing the rounds.”  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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