Nollywood Toyin Aimakhu Cut Up In N1.5million Controversy


66c53__10729262_380234498806894_570142384_n Nollywood Toyin Aimakhu Cut Up In N1.5million Controversy, recently, she said “I wasn’t paid N1.5million for any MC job. The I.5M tag on Instagram was the price of the ring, it was an exclusive diamond ring and I haven’t seen such before, I don’t know why bloggers will assume I was paid such, none of them bothered to confirm it from me. Sometimes when you are bored, you know you just write stuffs on social media but these bloggers blow it out of proportion. “
She didn’t stop there, she said a lot more interesting stuffs about her marriage, how her husband seized her blackberry, sex and even mocked celebs who flaunt their wealth on social media, oh Toyin! See excerpts On page 2:

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