Nollywood Van Vicker Goes Disabled


This handsome actor breaks his legs after a friendly game of football, The Ghanaian Nollywood actor, Van Vicker, is not a happy man right now as he hops around on crutches after he broke his leg during a football match between Ghanaian actors and Nigerian actors which was played at the Kumasi Sports Stadium. The match was organized as part of Ghana’s Independence Day celebration last week. The star of successful movies like ‘Royal Ring’, ‘Palace Fire’ and ‘Princess Tyra’, got himself injured when he entered a dangerous tackle with a Nigerian player and had to be stretcher-ed out of the pitch and straight to a hospital in town where a Plaster of Paris was placed on his leg. Though the Ghanaians won the match 3 goals to 1, the handsome actor had to pay the price with his leg.
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