Nollywood Yemi Terry Says Even Pastors’ marriages break up… not only actresses’


yemi-terryNollywood Yemi Terry Says Even Pastors’ marriages break up… not only actresses’ Yemi Isidahomen, known in the entertainment circles as Yemi Terry, is a Nollywood actress and producer. The Accounting graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago -Iwoye, speaks with TAYO GESINDE on why the movie revolves around the lifestyle of nurses; why divorced  actresses should  not be blamed for their failed marriages and sundry issues. Excerpts:

What I have been up to
  I have been very busy. I have been  working so hard to make ends meet and I have been going from one movie location to another  doing what I know how to do best. I have also been working on my movie Posh, which will be released tomorrow.

How Posh was conceived
Posh is a divine inspiration that I got within the twinkle of an eye. Though it is not a true life story, most of the scenes are life experiences.  I was on a friend’s set where  I was to play the role of a decent nurse with some of my colleagues that I used in Posh and I thought to myself that  it would be intresting  to see them (the girls) in ‘crazy’ nurse gowns. That was how the concept came to me then. I built a story round it with the help of Kunle Afod and Kola Amusan.  Posh tried to highlight the fact that every profession no matter how noble it seems or believed to be has its dark sides. Some dirty untold secrets, stories, activities and actions which are not visible to “non-initiates”. Posh is therefore a well-thought storyline which tends to portray some of these hidden and untold true stories. It also talked about love, betrayal and patience.  The movie is not to rubbish any profession; we just turned our day-to-day experiences into a movie as we always do. Moreover, Posh isn’t really about nurses alone, it is also a movie that will address relationship issues within our families, society, as well as our relationship with God. It is not an everyday concept.   SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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