Nollywood Yoruba Movie Actress Moji Olaiya Cries ‘I don’t have any Alhaji lover’


moji-olaiyaNollywood Yoruba Movie Actress Moji Olaiya Cries ‘I don’t have any Alhaji lover’ Moji Olaiya has refuted dating any Alhaji, let alone planning to wed him.  She added that it’s just a mere fiction.  She further described the tale as unfounded and spurious.on Sunday, October 26, 2014, the talented actress cum film maker expressed discomfort about the tale, labeling those behind it idle hands.  She therefore advised them to invest their precious time in meaningful things, instead of embarking on unnecessary gossip.

“First, I am not dating any Alhaji.  And to be honest, my conversion to Islam wasn’t influenced by any Alhaji.  It’s a natural thing. I have said it, and will continue to say it that my love for Islam is natural.  But at times, people like gossiping unnecessarily and wrongly too. I think it’s because they are idle. I believe they should concentrate on what can fetch them money, instead of wasting their energy and time on issues like this.

“Let me also say this, I am not divorced yet, I am only separated from my husband.  They should understand that it’s impossible for me to go into another marriage without being divorced.  So, what they are saying is absolutely unfounded.  It’s totally out of place.  Has anybody even seen me with any Alhaji?  Or have I come out to say I am even dating anybody?  So, you should know their story can’t be substantiated.”   SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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