#Nollywood #YorubaActress Bimbo Thomas and her movies




#NollywoodDiva & #YorubaActress, #BimboThomas. Since her debut into the #MovieIndustry, she has over the years evolved her own #Positive brand and Now she has got many fans across the world. Have a look out at why we #Admire Bimbo Thomas One of the movie idols in Yourba genre, Bimbo Thomas who once dated Seun Egbagbe has revealed her reason for showing her b0obs too. “Maybe because they are firm and I have no single stretch mark on my b0*bs. But some ladies still flaunt flabby ones that have stretch marks. Don’t they know that stretch marks are not meant to be displayed? Some ladies flaunt cleavage that stretch marks have finished and the b0*b has gotten back to where it was formed. It’s not worth it. Such a cleavage can’t be sexy. For instance, I stay in front of my mirror and appreciate myself first before any other person because I dress up in my room before any other person in my house would see me. After dressing up, I look at myself and I’m like wow! If I can be convinced within me that I look good, I know that every other comment would be fine,” she said.

She’s also a member of Desmond Elliots political campaign team…


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