NSCDC BOSS:My Oga At The Top Jokes


Took awhile the video is finally here!  For those who haven’t seen this video, please watch and cringe. The Lagos State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) Mr Obafaiye Shem can’t tell his organisation’s web address. And when he eventually gave the web address, he gave the wrong one. Watch…

Someone Wrote:
Dear All, I’d like to ask that we do please be a bit more responsible with our use of social media specifically regarding the ‘Oga at the top matter’ it may have made for a good laugh in the beginning..but now its an overkill, with Tshirts, viral videos,pple following the man’s children on twitter…
these have now become abit too heavy! His wife went to channels to protest his inability to sleep! Do we need a suicide case on our hands just for a few laughs?- Pls, let’s ‘keep it down!’..not to mention that we are further hurting our country’s image when we go viral with these and are we happy now that the Man is now on suspension? Pls be sensitive. End it! Don’t forward videos, any thing viral, don’t comment on websites etc. Help a man here after all we all don’t get obvious things right all the time and we are not PERFECT EITHER.

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