Obembe, NMA President Says Our strike not about money, Ego


kayode-obembe3Dr Kayode Obembe, the National President, Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) speaks on doctors’ grieviances  against the government and why their strike has persisted, in this interview with SADE OGUNTOLA.

It is said that there is no basis for doctors’ strike. Some people see it as a self-serving one. What is your take?

This is because they do not have the fact. Some of the issues that doctors are hammering on have been on the drawing board for almost 22 years. Doctors have been short-changed all along. We had tried our best to rectify these anomalies, particularly with the various changes of salary scales; we decided that something had to be done. We had to write off some entitlements of doctors which runs to more than N80 billion. What are left are allowances for just six months, because of the consideration we had not only for the government, but the people of Nigeria. So you can see that we are making some sacrifices.

 In some of the circulars, which were issued by the government in changing from one salary scale to the other, particularly in CONMESS and CONHESS, doctors were short-changed and we have been talking about it for years before we now decided we have to do something about it  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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