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Oil Mogul Mr Femi Otedola Follows Alhaji Aminu Rano Aka AA Rano Pegs Forte Oil PMS At N115 per Litre

12079052_943123735806680_911112854971390058_nJust as good news emerge from Kano over the Weekends that Alhaji Aminu Rano simply known as AA Rano has approve a Price tag of #107naira on Pump price for all his Filling Stations across the Country, this Morning another Oil Mogul Mr Femi Otedola has follow similar step.. Otedola announce last night in Lagos that from now onward his FORTE-Oil Company will be selling Fuel @ the official Price of #115naira per Litre on Pump price & he warned all his Staffs to desist from any dubious act of Pump Adjustments…

The competition has already started. By the time it is in full force, what has happened in the telecoms industry will be child’s play because there are so many more players in the downstream oil sector. Soon, these importers will also have to compete with Dangote who will be refining 750,000 barrels locally (which is 1.5 times the combined capacity of all 3 NNPC refineries). The common man will be the ultimate beneficiary

Daleehat Suleiman Bente ‘ Shares His View Below:

MY TAKE; Now this is good news as far as any patriotic Nigerian is Concern , gradually Fuel must comedown to as low as #50naira per Litre someday in this Country as long as interested Individuals are free to venture into the Oil business & it is now we will know the Real People who want to do this Oil business not these opportunists who entered the Business just to enjoy Subsidy Payments from Govt just as we have seen several frauds in the Past where People will came with Empty Vessels, leave it on the Sea to claim that they have imported Oil & the next thing will be for them to Come to Abuja , sign some papers & Collect Money… This ugly act was like an order of the day under the previous Administration, my People can this Continue??

Pls we should give the Govt of the day a benefit of doubt and a Chance at the End the gains will manifest in Us, we all fail into NLC deception of 2012 Little did we know they were Sponsored by the Oil Cabals to meet their Needs but now we are wiser because Information they said is knowledge, the Earlier we Nigerians understand that this Subsidy is a Scam harming us and enriching few Individuals the better for us …


We are not against Subsidy but if payment of Subsidy was grossly Effective then we don’t have reason of witnessing “Fuel Scarcity” even for a Day,

If payment of Subsidy was effective then we don’t suppose to be having random Price at Pump price where in ABUJA i will bought Fuel for 86naira While my Daddy will be buying it for 135naira in my Village in TARABA state this is too bad it’s Corruption at it Peak because the Hallmark of this payment was for the Makerters to make the Fuel available to us and at govt official Price but ironically this same Marketers will induce the market & makes Life difficult for us , how i just wish my People will know this… Subsidy Must go so that Sanity will be restore to the Oil Sector !!


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