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Olajumoke Orisaguna: The Story In Prophetic Pictures


1. It was like any other ordinary day. She balanced her tray of Agege bread on her head like she did at other times. Her whole wares was not up to N2,000. But it was not like other days. This was a day that will become a reference point in her entire life. Like Job said, “All the days of my appointed time will I wait until my change comes”. I declare your change has come!

2. She had laboured continuously for years and even ran from Iree in Osun State to Lagos State in search of the proverbial fleece. She left her two kids and her husband at Iree. She was a failed hair stylist. She was about to experience the fact that one day of favour will compensate for forty years of labour. May favour locate your destiny right now!

3. Olajumoke strolled anonymously into a scene where a video was being shot. That single ‘waka waka’ has changed her life and brought her from obscurity to limelight. She walked literally into her season of favour. Her steps were ordered by God. Eventually, I tend to believe that all the video shoot was because of her. In fact, the story of the video shoot was rewritten to accommodate her. May God orchestrate events to favour you. May The Lord order your steps. May you be on time for your miracles!

4. God sent a divine helper, TY Bello her way. Even when TY Bello saw the initial shots, she started asking who the lady was and shared Olajumoke’s pictures on social media to see if anyone could identify her. Olajumoke became TY Bello’s project. May you become someone’s project right now. May your divine helpers not rest until they push you into your glorious destiny. May your helpers locate you wherever you are. May God open their eyes to see you and your real potential.

5. When they saw Olajumoke eventually, she could not even converse in English. Her Yoruba was the heavily accented type. She had no finesse and no ‘swag’. In spite of her flaws and lack of education and exposure, modeling companies broke their rules just to sign her on. Heaven was determined to use the foolish things of the world to shame those things that are wise. God does not need your finesse or swag in order to bless you. God does not choose the qualified- He qualifies the chosen! May God break protocols because of you! May that thing that was supposed to discredit and disqualify you become inconsequential to your elevation.

6. Olajumoke made the front page of many magazines and newspapers. Olajumoke has been trending for many days on social media. Olajumoke is now on Instagram. Olajumoke has been interviewed even by CNN. She hugged the klieg lights. Her far flung fantasy became her reality. When The Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, they were like them that dreamed. This is your season for a total turnaround.

7. Everyone is sharing Olajumoke’s story. Suddenly, she has become a celebrity of sorts. Everyone wants to identify with her. Success has many relatives but failure is an orphan. May you be celebrated. May your history become a good story. In Jesus Name.

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