Omotola Jalade Beats Her Husband


    Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade who recently escaped tummy tuck surgery scandal is yet in another serious scandal involving her husband, Captain Matthew Ekeinde.
    According to a source from an email a couple of days ago, the beautiful mother of four has never stopped the habit of beating her husband at the slightest provocation.
    Contrary to her popularized 35 age, insiders said the reality talk show host is over 40 now. The source who claimed Omotola Jalade is secretly battling early menopausal signs like hot flashes and so on, also says Omotola never stopped the habit of beating her husband mercilessly in case of argument.

    Captain Matthew Ekeinde, an easygoing man who married the actress at a tender age, is a gentle man by nature.
    “During the course of their marriage, Captain Ekeinde never beat the actress simply because he adores her” said the source.

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