OSUN STATE ELECTIONS: Second term for Ogbeni: As Omoluabi Reasons & achievements of emblematic vision of Ipinle Omoluabi.


BuMdT9cIcAA8h_j.jpg-largeThe new Osun identity, “Ipinle Omoluabi,” sounds as fascinating as it is demanding. It is a standard to which every serious-minded indigene would strive to attain, the bold new way in which our number 1 citizen, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, would want us to be known, seen and addressed. Bidding the people of Osun to live to live up to these high ideals logically imposed on the Aregbesola administration an even greater weight of responsibility.

Four years after, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola (simply Ogbeni without all the vainglorious titles) has shown the inherent possibilities and results that a focused government can deliver.

In this interactive presentation, we provide reasons why we believe in a second term for Ogbeni. As Omoluabi, we see these reasons as cogent and the achievements they recount as emblematic of the vision of Ipinle Omoluabi.

We are however only commencing a conversation. In the state of the world-acclaimed tablet of knowledge, we believe citizens and denizens should contribute, each from their perspective, to the identification of the reasons to believe.

This is an independent effort in support of the Governor’s Re-election.

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