Otunba Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s Reaction To The Deadly Kano Bomb Blast


Tinubu 1Otunba Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s Reaction To The Deadly Kano Bomb Blast,  During the last few days, Nigeria has suffered intense attacks and grave loss of lives due to the evil work of terrorist group, Boko Haram. Attacks against numerous locations in the northeast demonstrate how heinous and debased Boko Haram and those who sponsor it have become. So depraved, they have become heartless and filled with enmity against all that is good and proper. This was not the act of human beings. These attacks could only have come from the hands of those who do not know God or Serve God. This is the act of godless people. The hand of evil, deploying those who have given themselves over to wickedness, committed this terrible thing. No reason can be found for what was done except that Boko Haram has once again shown its lust for innocent blood and its disdain for life peacefully lived. Boko Haram killed people praying to God because the god of Boko Haram is Satan himself.Boko Haram seeks to scare and intimidate Christian and Muslim alike through wanton destruction.They may attack us but never shall this evil force subdue us. Christian and Muslim must stand arm-in-arm to face down this terrorist onslaught.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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