P’ square Annouces 2015 US/CANADA TOUR This Summer



Paul of Psquare known with the handle @RudeboyPsquare on instagram page to claim personal credit for most of the Psquare  hit tracks. Well, that might have been a kind of publicity stunt, to usher in their upcoming tour. Reporting via their respective Instagram pages, Psquare is almost set for their USA/Canada tour which kicks off this summer.

Peterpsquare posted and commented thusly, “WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN!! Dis summer US/CANADA TOUR get ready!#AllAroundTheWorldTour #AATWtour #concert #tour#2015#US/CANADATOUR ..100789_psquarewallpaer3_jpg7075071d0725ebb6d8929659276717bc

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