Parent Shares Horrific Conditions On Flight Where Sixty Children From Welsh Choir Fell ill On Emirates From Dubai


    A parent of one of the sixty children struck down with a gastric bug on the return leg of a trip from their choir’s trip to South Africa said the youngsters ‘went down like nine pins’. The group from the Only Kids Aloud Chorus from Cardiff, Wales were on their way home from Cape Town after performing with opera singer Bryn Terfer (inset) when they boarded Airbus A380 super jumbo in Dubai. Soon after taking off on the seven-hour long flight, the first of the children started falling ill. The aircraft, equipped with 17 toilets, was greeted in Heathrow by a fleet of ambulances to treat the stricken youngsters.
    Crew on the Airbus A380 alerted emergency services after several of the youngsters, aged ten to 14, began vomiting during the seven-hour final leg of their flight home from South Africa, via Dubai. Four ambulances and a ‘hazardous area response team’ trained to provide life-saving medical care following natural disasters or industrial accidents – were sent to meet the flight.

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