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It is Just Few days now After the Great Biennial Crusade, titled, “And The Enemies Submitted, 2016” was rounded off, it was unprecedented and unparalleled by many standards.

Everyone saw how the Intercontinental-ballistic Missile The Great God of Chosen sent caused Volcanic Eruption in the kingdom of darkness, many captives were set free, the myriad of signs and wonders recorded is breathtaking. We’re yet to come to terms with the wonders of this very God. You know what?, that same missile is still on the move and this time around, it’s moving to the shores of America for a 2 day Holy Ghost Oriented and Power Packed Crusade with the caption; “GOD’S TIME TO TAKE OVER”

That title sounds authoritative and assuring. Yes, it does! It suggests a notice communicating first-hand information from God as regards His timing and readiness to take over and change every ugly situation for good in the lives of Americans.
Ecclesiastes 3:1 reveals that “there is a time apportioned to everything on earth”. In other words, the extant status quo is fallout of afore-prepared master plan.

Do not bother yourself with knowing the planner because His name is God of The Chosen. In His Benevolence and Tender-heartedness, God has publicly announced that it is His intention to take over in this duo-dated crusade (Saturday, 2nd & Sunday, 3rd July, 2016). All those sorrows, academic failures, backwardness, demonic attack, poverty, low IQ, and inept memory would have their age-long license and dominance in your life, totally annulled and reversed.

As a matter of emphasis, God has decided to take over those negative trends in your life. What is more is that the Programme promises to be the present day Pool of Bethesda and/or River Jordan (as in the case of Naaman) for the sick. As recorded in Christ’s era as well as in the apostolic era, blindness, deafness and dumbness as well as other sundry ailments; took to their heels on experiencing the unchallengeable proofs of God’s power. As God obliges to make another public show of His ultimate power and authority by the instrumentality of this Programme, one should not expect any less as it would be a bumper package.

To this end, if you have anyone resident in America or within her metropolis, kindly pass the information on the photo to them, they will surely call to thank you after attending this great program.

Kindly call the lines on the photo for more inquiries. #‎America2016‬

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