Pastor TB Joshua Sends Warning Notes To America, Poland “Nigerian Bigshot Might Be Killed By Insurgents”:


tb-joshuaProphet TB Joshua on Sunday, 31st of August, 2014 sounded a warning notice to Nigerian politicians, American president, European nation of Poland and also foreseeing another plane crash near Ukraine.

“Last time, I said we should pray for Nigerian ‘bigshots’ because I am seeing these people begin to target them,” he said. Reminding people of the message he had said in May that Boko Haram insurgents will start targeting the political class.

He immediately called for prayers against the impending attack of the political bigshot, stating that they only want to use it to cause political crisis.

“It will result to death,” Joshua plainly stated. “They are just looking for an avenue that will cause crisis and conflict in the region… When it happens, it will cause political crisis.”

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