Phone swap/Trade finally in Nigeria




Phone swap/Trade finally in Nigeria, Online used smartphone retailer has been making the rounds in recent time as the first e-commerce business in Nigeria to venture into professionalized used mobile phone sales. This market segment has been one many underestimate or fear, due to the amount of peculiarities involved, however, Obiwezy having operated out of Computer Village Ikeja for the past 4 years, has perfected the art of buying, and selling used smartphones, and now offers refreshed smartphones that come with Warranty. 


As though In-line with the season, Obiwezy has gone a step further by launching a signature Phone Swap initiative where smartphone users can trade-in their currently used device for a new model, by just toping up the difference. 

Here is how it works for example if you have an Iphone5s :

  1. Log on to
  2. Enter your device information and Grade condition
  3. Your phone is then valued,
  4. You pick the new phone you want to procure, say theIphone6 and your top-up amount is displayed!
  5. With this, you get to save up to 40% on your new purchase.

Visit www.obiwezy.comIndeed,

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