Photo: Interview With Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose’s Mum ”Prophetess Victoria Oluwayose”




Mother of Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, Prophetess Victoria Oluwayose. This is what she has to say about her son some months ago in an interview with Tribune:

How do you see the second coming of your son, Ayo Fayose, as the governor of Ekiti State?

“I see the event as the Lord’s doing. It is the hand of God. This is a heavenly promise being fulfilled in my lifetime. The promise of God has come to fulfillment and I am grateful. It was revealed before his birth that he would be a great child; a famous child that he would be well-known among the people. Here we are. He is my first male child and he was special right from birth. He is a unique child.

And the people have seen that you have never left him at any time…?

What else do I have to offer? What other work do I have other than to give him support? We pray for him day and night and that is why I have even lost my voice. He was a child of promise and God has been fulfilling His promises in his life. For this, I am grateful and I will forever remain grateful.

Soon, he’d be sworn-in again as the governor of Ekiti. What advice would you give to your son?

He was born in Christ and I urge him to remain steadfast in Christ. He should look up to God and God alone. Now that he has won the election through the mercy and help of God and the support of the people, he must remain a strong believer in God and offer the people good leadership. The Lord, who brought him this far, is also the one who would bring to fulfillment the good work He has started in him. God is the finisher of the work and he must realise this and walk with God.

What about the people of the state? What do you have to tell them?

I thank God and I thank the people of Ekiti State immensely. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and I pray for them. However, I also plead with them to continue to support him as he assumes office, just as I pray that God would support all of us. I want them to give him their backing so that the promises of God would be fulfilled. With their strong support, he would provide governance which would be of benefit to all and sundry in Ekiti State.

The question that followed was on whether she had discussed the past with her son. Fayose was the governor of Ekiti between May 29, 2003 and October 16, 2006 before the turbulence that led to his being bundled out of office on that fateful October 16. Perhaps, among the promises of God is his expected return as the governor of the state on, instructively, October 16, 2014, after eight years in the political wilderness.

The Beautiful picture of Governor Fayose’s mother above was taken during a wedding in Ekiti state recently. She’s a beauty!

Photo credit: @Hanselnduokeke

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