Photo: Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar Express Anger Over Boko Haram’s Taking Over Of Mubi in Adamawa State


Atiku-Abubakar-5Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Apparently angry over Boko Haram’s recent territorial expansion and taking over of Mubi in Adamawa State, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has reacted, saying the insurgency ‘is a crisis of leadership’ by the federal government. Addressing a world press conference in Abuja, Atiku emotionally described the situation in the northeast as pathetic and brought on by sheer government and failure to demonstrate political will.

“I am Nigerian. I believe in the integrity of Nigeria as a whole, and every part of this country matters to me. But I was born and bred in the northeast. So, please, excuse me if I should say a few words about the part of the country where I am from, about what the people from the northeast of Nigeria have had to suffer for far, far too long,” Atiku said.

 He said “It is with deep regret that I came to learn that Mubi, which is one the largest towns in Adamawa State of northeast Nigeria, has been taken by the terrorist group commonly known as Boko Haram.  As you may know, in recent weeks and months, Mubi has been a town to which displaced persons from further north have fled for safety after their communities fell to Boko Haram.  As I speak, the inhabitants of Mubi, together with those who went there for safety, find themselves at the mercy of this terrorist group.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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