Photos: Happy Birthday to BBAHotshot winner Idris Sultan As He Turns 22years today


10946252_387169211458046_182807867_nHappy Birthday to Big brother Hotshot winner Idris Sultan, As he turns 22 years old today, 28th january 2015. Many happy returns and many more blissful years ahead. Many people have been sending him birthday wishes through his social media and among those people is his lovely girlfriend Samantha Jay. She has gone ahead to write him a special message on a photo she posted. In the message, Samantha Jasen has revealed that the only reason that hinders her to marrying Idris is because he is a Muslim but deep down inside she loves him with her whole heart. After the stunt you pulled on my birthday . I now feel like I need to write a poem and have it co written by the likes of Maya Angelo and post it on a Billboard . But since she’s not around I figured I only have my ‘talents’ and honesty to depend on . Happy Birthday !!! The day we met properly was the day you asked me if I’ll marry a Muslim and I said no while laughing deep down cause I knew you were Muslim you then walked away and said kill yourself . I knew then even though we in a show nothing about you was scripted. You are one of the most sincere, genuine, kind hearted , funniest ,humbled sinners I know and even though you can be a douche sometimes I appreciate that. 

idris and GirlfriendYou’ve become a part of my life and I can’t go a day without talking to you, most of the time one telling the other ‘Kill yourself” You make me laugh even if I don’t want to. You have my back even when i don’t expect it or feel I deserve it. You show me right from wrong. You understand me which I don’t know how. Cause I sometimes don’t understand myself . The truth of the matter is you still keep me sane So I really don’t have a choice but to wish you a Happy Birthday and many more. Cause quite frankly who else is gona do all of that for one person so I kinda need you around . And in turn you can trust that I’ll always have your back no matter what . I’ll always be here when the world looks tough Always try my best to keep that stupid smile . And give up a couple of shillings just to hear you laugh. Love you for all the things you never knew you were doing God Bless. Happy Birthday Idris. Congrats to him




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