Photo: Spanish Artist Fattens Female Celebrities With Photoshop Tool “Discovers The Quickest Way To Insult Women Anywhere”

Spanish artist David Lopera has gained popularity recently for his digital manipulations of female celebrity pictures. He isn’t a retoucher for a fashion magazine or a headshot photographer, though. This 20-year-old artist has just been Photoshopping images of famous and accomplished women like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson into much fatter versions of themselves cartoonist so.  David Lopera insists that his Photoshopped images of celebrities like Katy Perry are to change people’s minds about beauty standards.

Katy Perry

While Lopera may have had decent intentions when he started this ongoing project, it seems to have gone astray. 

Jennifer Lawrence

It’s as though the artist is plumping up the women to see how big he can get them before they stretch outside of the frame.

Gabrielle Union

And, the act of manipulating the look of a woman’s body and saying things like “I love Katy Perry but she would look much more sexy with a few extra pounds” completely contradicts his agenda to broaden the definition of “beauty.”

Iggy Azalea

It’s really no different from saying Emma Watson would look better if she lost a few pounds. It’s just another narrow perspective of beauty on a different part of the spectrum.



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