Photo: Van Vicker announces his official social media accounts


b596e0a0Popular Ghanaian Nollywood actor, Van Vicker, have once again come out to publicly disclose his real social media accounts, a fight against impostors using his name to defraud people on various social networking sites; Nigeria Movie Network is reporting. Van Vicker shows his official social media accounts

Several hours ago (September 30th), Van Vicker shared the above pic with the following caption:”This pic I am sure WILL be THE ONLY 1 that will NEVER show up on my impostors pages cos I am holdin up a paper with my TRUE social media accounts, which they wont want to promote cos they will drive internet traffic to me, The Real van vicker, Ha! TAKE NOTE- FB page is j van Vicker NOT j. (theres no dot)NOR J (its not a capital j) NOR J. (Mine is not a capital j with a dot) And my personal fb account is Van Vicker (capital letter V for both names) BEWARE!!!!!!!”

This photo should serve as a memo to all Van Vicker Fans, especially those who are likely to fall for the deceit of Van Vicker’s impostors on either Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram.

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