PHOTOS: 2014 LUMMA Design Range Rover Sport






Lumma Design engineers work the same way, which is why the CLS SR program offers a unique blend of aerodynamic and performance enhancements designed to bring out the best in the Range Rover. A host of new features adorn the luxury SUV, beginning with a new front spoiler bumper bar that integrates the original fog lamps to go with new double daytime running lights. There’s also a new front carbon spoiler blade just under the apron while the rear section gets an apron bumper bar with its own integrated diffuser. Peeking out from the diffuser is a new, double-pipe, stainless steel exhaust system. Move your gaze up and you’ll see a rear spoiler flap on the luggage compartment lid. Lumma Design always has a thing for fancy new wheels. The company actually builds its own so in this case, as it went for a massive set of 22- and 23-inch wheel options.

Lumma is offering its crown jewel wheel set, the CLR 23 GT, and a slightly smaller variety, the Mono 22 R. Both sets of wheels are than fitted with a set of either Continental or Vredestein tires. Whatever set you choose, these wheels are understandably awesome. PHOTO CREDITS: CARICOS.COM  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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