Photos: 31 Beautiful Pictures That Shows You What Single Fatherhood Really Looks Like


That increase has been attributed to both the rise of divorce rates and non-marital births since 1960, but also is a sign of fathers’ changing role in society. In everyday life, the title of Single Father means “being a best friend, a hero, a teacher, a listener and a shoulder to cry on,”

Check out these photos below.

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  • Roberto Ramírez: When you play both roles in a child’s life, sometimes you have to look the part.
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    Karone Edge: Being that one special person who lights up her eyes when I come home from work. No matter how tired and sleepy I am it makes my day to stay up and read to her and play with her until she’s ready for bed. It’s a lot of work but I wouldn’t trade my angel for anything in the world!
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    Lucas Lockwood :They are a part of who I am. Always present.
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    Robert Earls: It means lots of laughter, plenty of hugs, and routine.
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  • Alfredo Rodriguez: It means that all pictures of us together are selfies. Otherwise I’m never in the picture.
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  • Eric Williams: It means being there for your kids no matter what.
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  • Ryan Mahar: Getting to enjoy life without petty stress and be able to enjoy more, rather than thinking it’s over.
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    Tim Groshong: Letting your daughter paint your nails because that’s what she likes to do.
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    Miso Grey
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  • Simon Lesmo: It means fun and hard work (lots of hard work) rolled into one, 24/7.


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