Photos: 5 Wrong Reasons Why Some Women Get Married



When it comes to marriage, some  women rush into it: It seems thinking about marriage 24/7 is a full time job for some of our women. They are so consumed by the idea that they make irrational decisions to get into it and later have an ‘ummm I told you so’ moment. Here are 5 reasons why some women rush into marriage:


1. Because my BFF got married

As trivial as this may seem, it happens all the time. All the friends in Tawa Kalitu’s circle are saying I do, leaving her behind. So naturally she questions herself. Do not let this influence you into saying ‘I do’ as well, knowing very well you are not emotionally, financially, spiritually and physically ready for it. It is very important you scrutinize this decision before you dive into it!

5 Wrong Reasons Why Some Ghanaian Women Get Married

2. Because you have been dating for a while (years)

Here is another one, ‘oh I have been dating Dejo Tunfulu for a while, and he is yet to pop the question, me  ‘I don’t know what to do oo’. Why do you have to force your man into it if he is not ready. What you need to do is to sit your man down and have a conversation with him about the possibility of marriage . Allow him to grow, if possible help him  grow ,and both of you plan before you finally say ‘I DO’!

5 Wrong Reasons Why Some Ghanaian Women Get Married

3. Because my parents are on my neck

We know our parents ‘ha adwene’ (bother us), and act like the world is going to disappear if you do not marry. It’s normal, but do not let that pressure be the sole reason why you are going to put a ring on it. Do it on your own terms, when you are ready. Have courage and talk to your parents and let them understand that you are not going to jump into something you very well know you are not ready for.

5 Wrong Reasons Why Some Ghanaian Women Get Married

4. Because my biological clock is ticking

Biological clock? What is that? It is better to let it tick than rush into marriage because of this bio-whatever clock. Family planning is not something you should rush into; take your finances and job security into consideration before you make any decision.

5 Wrong Reasons Why Some Ghanaian Women Get Married

5. Because marriage will solve all my problems

Getting married when you are at the crossroads in life, be it work or relationship is certainly not a good thing to do. When nothing seems to be going your way, life only frustrates you further. Getting married at this juncture is not a healthy thing to do as it may further complicate things. You need to first sort out your problems with the help of your friends and your loved ones. Once your mind is at peace, you can plan your marriage.


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