1802669_hips1-255x300_jpege2935fa7b38fd3ef8613735a4ed1a6fdCharity Pierce may not agree, many men believe that bigger is better. For them, it is all about the curves –which is something that Mikel Ruffinelli agrees with. Mikel weighs a staggering four hundred and twenty pounds (exactly thirty stone), but what is even more mind-boggling is where she carries it. Because Mikel’s hips have a circumference of eight feet. Mikel is only 5ft. 4 inches, and when you look at photographs at her, it is amazing really that she can walk at all. But coming up to her fortieth birthday, Mikel
has absolutely no regrets, and no plans to lose weight, despite being wider than she is tall. She said: “I love my shape and Isee no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems.” But despite her protestations that she has no health problems, Mikel has found life as thewoman with the widest hips in the worlddifficult in other ways. Mikel has to approach almost all doorways sideways, and some she just can’t fit through. Instead of driving a cute car, Mikel drives a truck so that she can fit around the
steering wheel. Interior design has had to be sacrificed, using steel-supported chairs, and sleeping on a seven foot wide bed. She has got used to the catcalls and looks of disbelief that she sees when she goes out, and her three daughters are a wonderful mixture of proud and concerned. But she doesn’t sleep alone. Mikel has been married for ten years to computer technician Reggie, who is besotted with his wife. Reggie tells Mikel how beautiful she is every single day. Both of them believe Mikel’s wide hips are a family trait that she has inherited – and as Mikel says, “Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.” CONTINUE ON PAGE 2

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