Photos: APC’s 2015 Vice Presidential Candidate Professor Yemi Osinbanjo’s Townhall Meeting at Silver Springs, Maryland, USA.


10371541_683086038468432_6537739289960171751_nPhotos: APC’s 2015 Vice Presidential Candidate Professor Yemi Osinbanjo’s Townhall Meeting , He says With the full support of Nigerians abroad and at home, we can secure Nigeria’s future.  ‪#‎ChangeIsHere‬ ‪#‎AsSimpleAsAPC‬ ‪#‎VoteAPC‬ Townhall Meeting at Silver Springs, Maryland, USA. 

Prof Yemi Osinbajo was in the United States to hold Town-hall meetings with the Nigerian community and some media interviews, becoming the first member of the presidential tickets of the two major Nigerian parties to engage the Nigerian Diaspora and America . The Committee hosted a Town hall meetings in two locations on Sunday March 15 in the Washington DC and Maryland State region. The first meeting would held around 2pm, at 7710 Windsor Mill Rd, Baltimore, MD 21244 and another at Silver Spring very close to the US capital, Washington DC at 5pm at 919 Philadelphia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20902.
The meeting brought the Nigerian Diaspora in direct contact with the APC Presidential Candidate, he created an opportunity to hear from him and ask him questions as well. It was the view of the Committee of Friends hosting the meetings that Prof Yemi Osinbajo’s decision to come over to the US is very significant, being the only major presidential tickets in the election which has considered the Nigerian Diaspora serious enough to engage with.


He also interacted with some in the US Congress. Since the two leading parties in Nigeria, the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, fielding the incumbent president of the country, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and the APC, fielding General Muhammadu Buhari, alongside their running mates, were picked by their parties none of them as engaged the Nigerian Diaspora especially in the USA until now that the APC Vice Presidential candidate is blazing the trail.
Leaders of the Nigerian communities in the US have however been very active in airing their views regarding the general elections, especially the presidential and some gubernatorial elections. It is also on record that US-based Nigerians play a significant role in the economy of the country back at home with annual formal financial remittances ranging above $20B annually in the last several years.

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