Photos: Bikini models forced to walk in heels along 2000m high boardwalk as part of Miss Universe Beauty contest



At a beauty contest held in Henan province yesterday, contestants were made to walk along a 2000 meter high boardwalk in high heels and pose for pictures in order to please judges.. During this portion of the contest, badly translated into English as “Miss Bikini of the Universe Central Plains China,” organizers wanted to test the composure of the models and see whether or not they could keep their cool while under pressure, China News reports.


The high heel wearing contestants report that while walking up the mountain, the footpath was very uneven and full of potholes, causing them no small amount of problems trying to keep their balance.


One of the contestants, named Yang Ningqing, said of the challenge: “First of all, it allowed us to become more courageous, and second it allowed us to practice our most fundamental skills. This catwalk, even though it was a very crude catwalk, allowed us to show off our most beautiful posture.”


According to organizers, the competition is globally accepted as one of the world’s most influential and authoritative beauty competitions. It has taken place every year since 2005. China seems to have somewhat of a fetish for organizing fashion shows or beauty contests that are a bit out there. Last year organizers in Harbin sent a troupe of bikini models down a catwalk in -16℃ weather.





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