Photos: Bridesmaid Hangs Herself In Her Bridal Dress Few Hours After Attending Elder Sister’s Wedding


Rebecca-Darnell-mainA 30 year old Rebecca Darnell attended her older sister’s wedding and looked really happy to be there. In fact, friends said she was the ‘life and soul of the wedding party’ as head bridesmaid. She’d helped organize people and dragged many people onto the dance floor, so imagine their shock when they heard she’d hanged herself just hours after the wedding, still wearing her bridesmaid’s dress. “She was the life and soul. She got everybody up and dancing, which is no mean feat. She was getting everyone involved.” her father David told a coroner yesterday. 


However, just hours after the wedding reception Rebecca’s partner of four years, Carlo Salamone, found her body hanging at their townhouse in Addlestone, Surrey. The couple had argued about the taxi fare on their way back from the wedding, the inquest heard, and Mr Salamone had slept on the sofa when they had got home. When he woke up and went upstairs to find his girlfriend, he saw that their bed was still made and had not been slept in. Walking up the second flight of stairs to the third floor, Mr Salamone found his path blocked by a hanging figure.

Mr Salamone raced to get a phone and dialled 999 and was directed through CPR lifesaving techniques, which he carried out. Police constable Stephen Ashley, who attended the scene after 7am, said he found a body lying on the floor, still wearing a “formal evening dress.”



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