Photos: General Muhammadu Buhari’s Children & Family Members Unvield: Meet Safina, Halima, Zahara & Others

buhari-2015-mesageThe 2015 Presidential Elect,Muhammadu Buhari’s family look so adorable in pictures.buhari

The beautiful Mrs Aisha Buhari is the Wife to General Muhammadu Buhari. The marriage is blessed with children and a grand children.

*Safina Buhari with her kids

*(From-left): Safina Buhari, Mrs Aisha Buhari, Halima Buhari Sheriff, (top-row-from-right), Noor & Mohammed Sheriff

1913158_halimabuharisheriffanddaughter448x600_jpeg2bdb010fe15390f4dafb8955d3727587Halima Buhari Sheriff and Daughter


Mohammed Sheriff with wife, Halima Buhari Sheriff

zahra-buhariZahra Buhari


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