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Photos: Goodluck Ebeke Jonathan GEJ At The Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia


GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN SAYS: I thank Dr. Charles Steele Jr, President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and the executive of the SCLC for honoring me today. It was also a pleasure to meet Naomi King, the sister of the late American Civil Rights leader and founder of the SCLC, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who was kind enough to attend the event and identify with the goals and aspirations of the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation. By this award, I am further inspired to continue to work for the advancement of democracy, peace and progress in Nigeria and Africa. GEJ. 12509656_1078200388897001_4704612644288173415_n 12512803_1078200395563667_6806999317206202216_n 12495043_1078200415563665_8328587982813608952_n 12553075_1078200425563664_3786086838974415909_n 12418006_1078200445563662_7857515698140769286_n 12573660_1078200462230327_3613353864147641389_n 12540909_1078200475563659_2486293351455593976_n 12509795_1078200485563658_425912581825975982_n 12507236_1078200528896987_4216440776414764833_n 11048696_1078200555563651_939713781913214846_n 12400897_1078200568896983_1847347081801455467_n 12400572_1078200602230313_3760357587996341958_n 12508773_1078200622230311_7472601311989328563_n 12573004_1078200632230310_6685449894261823546_n

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