Photos: Happy Birthday Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Today!!


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR Chris Oyakhilome: 

    A visionnaire, A mentor. A life coach. An example of the believer in word in deed and royalty, Delighted, we dance and celebrate you all day long; we can’t keep it quiet. Your vibrant grace has overtaken us. God has been so good to us by sending us a prophet like you, We’re walking on air, All we are and have we owe to God’s giftings in your life!

    The Lord says: “I’ve crowned a hero, I chose the best I could find; I found Christian Oyakhilome, my servant, poured holy oil on his head, And I’ll keep my hand steadily on him, yes, I’ll stick with him through thick and thin. No enemy will get the best of him, no scoundrel will do him in. I’ll weed out all who oppose him, I’ll clean out all who hate him. I’m with him for good and I’ll love him forever; I’ve set him on high and he’s riding high with me, I’ve put Nations in his one hand, countries in the other; and crowned him with the Word of Salvation. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>

    I’ve put in his mouth a message that is relevant to all. A message that must be preached and a voice that must be heard. Yes, I’ve set him apart as royalty, to be dignified of the earth’s kings. I’ll preserve him eternally in my love, I’ll faithfully do all I so solemnly promised. I’ve guaranteed his place with the mighty.

    I’ll never throw him out, never abandon or disown him. Do you think I’d withdraw my holy promise? Or take back words I’d already spoken? I’ve given my word, my whole and holy word to Pastor Chris.

    His mighty works are here for good, his anointing as sure as the sun, dependable as the phases of the moon, inescapable as weather.”

    Oh Pastor sir we love you deeply.

    By a prophet God brought Israel out of bondage and preserved him. You have brought us out of obscurity through your teachings emboldened us with your love, and taken us into a place of permanent prosperity.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR, Christian Oyakhilome Ph.D popularly known as “Pastor Chris Oyakhilome” was born December 7, 1961 in the family of Elder T. Oyakhilome. His is the Eldest child of the family married to Rev Anita Oyakhilome who heads the UK agency. They have two children and both of them are female. He is brought up in a Christian family with the grandfather as a pastor. 

    About Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ministry:

    Pastor Chris Oyakhilome started preaching when he was a youth. Back in his University days in Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma Edo State Nigeria, Where he obtained his calling from God to proceed into the ministry and he started the Believers Loveworld Fellowship, which has become Believers Loveworld Incorporated with Millions of members and associates around the world. The Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated also known as “Christ Embassy is a Pentecostal Christian ministry headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with millions of members around the world. 
    He runs a healing school and three television channels: LoveWorld TV, LoveWorld SAT and LoveWorld Plus. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also runs a global prayer network using social network platforms to send messages to his followers regularly. Known as PastorChrisLive on those platforms, he currently has over 1.1 million followers on Twitter,[5] as well as his own social networking

    website called Yookos. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Ministry (Believers Loveworld Incorporated) has the world most read daily devotional called Rhapsody of Realities. The Rhapsody of Realities is the best-selling daily devotional and Bible study guide which have several millions of copies distributed in two hundred and thirteen countries in 203 languages. Like other modern African Pentecostal ministries, Oyakhilome’s is primarily directed toward youth of all classes, specifically the large Pentecostal Christian populations in Nigeria, South Africa and the rest of the World. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a strong South African following and is notable for organising the Night of Bliss South Africa at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg also in UK and Canada. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a blessed man of God, pastor, preacher, televangelist, author, life coach and role model whose life is an epitome of peace, love, unity, faith and life of Christ.

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