Photos: Identical Triplets 29-year-old Sisters From Passo Fundo, Southern Brazil, Gets Married On The Same Day


272E5C0700000578-3020731-Triplets_Rafaela_Rochele_and_Tagiane_Bini_share_the_same_looks_a-m-1_1427874475423The moment identical triplets married on the same day at the same time and yes the grooms did get confused, Guests at a wedding service saw triple when three identical sisters tied the knot together at the same ceremony. Triplets Rafaela, Rochele and Tagiane Bini share the same birthday, the same looks and tastes, and now – after marrying men who look strikingly similar – the same wedding anniversary too. The 29-year-old sisters, from Passo Fundo, southern Brazil, even wore the same wedding dress, as well as hair style and make up, for their big day on Saturday. 


Their parents, Pedro and Salete, already had one daughter, Liziele, when they decided to increase the family – but never imagined three more girls would come at once. Mother Salete fainted when she was told she was expecting triplets, according to the girls. Rafaela was the first to find her future husband, Rafael, ten years ago while studying at university. A year later, Rochele got together with Gabriel. It was parents Pedro and Salete who suggested the girls all get married together after Tagiane also got engaged to Eduardo.


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